“Do you know how the Orcs first came into being? They were Elves once, taken by the dark powers. Tortured and mutilated, a ruined and terrible form of life. You do not know pain, you do not know fear.”

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So… Was lucky enough to squeeze a game in over the weekend. 500 points (small blue book) High Elves v Isengard.

Myself using the elves. Gil-galad, Elrond, banner, handful of spears & shields. With one bowman (elf).

Isengard had Saruman, Troll chieftain and a handful of Uruk-Hai with pikes, also swords & shields.

The elves were totally wiped, partly bad dice rolling, but mostly bad strategy. Think my biggest mistake was assaulting the Uruk-Hai head on & not letting them come to me.

Not much to say, but was a really fun game. We agreed that this will be the last time the bridge features in a battle as it becomes too much of a focal point… Time for some more terrain.

“The world is changing.” part 2…

So over the weekend I finished my “small” modular rock/hill terrain project, alas i missed the deadline  I’d set myself only finished late Sunday evening… Due to higher priority’s. (Daddy duty & entertaining the wife) Anyway better late than never.

Was quite a fun but messy project, I’ll add some steps below if anyone reading this would like to try it. All in the cost for the project was under a tenner. Best places to look for the materials needed if you live in the UK I’d suggest your nearest poundland or 99p store.

You’ll need protective eyewear, rubber gloves, a face mask, a craft knife, expanding foam, filler, cheap tester paint pots (greys & whites.) Some cheap fat paint brushes, cheap black spray paint, Grease proof paper & a cardboard box.


1.) Make sure your wearing your mask, protective eyewear & rubber gloves at this time, as expanding foam is a nightmare to remove from your skin. Oh make sure your outside as well & not around animals or kids. Squirt the expanding foam into a grease proof paper lined box (if space isn’t an issue you could always use a few boxes) use the whole can as it’s a one use only. Squirt the desired amount of rocks you’d like and give plenty of space as it expands to at least three times the size. Store away for a day. I used my shed.

2.) Again make sure your using a protective face mask & eyewear, don’t worry about the gloves as it will all be dry now.

You should be able to peel your blobs of foam out the boxes, all you need to do is take your craft knife skim away the smooth skin (sound  I like a ghoul) and sculpt to whatever shape you desire. Beware of small spores of foam, as on the first attempt at this I got dust in my eye, it felt like I’d gotten glassed. Flipping painful. I’d advise doing this away from other people. (go to the shed, garage or outside)

3.) Nice and easy… Slap on the filler. Don’t be stingy with it. Use your hands, get messy. Leave to dry 24hrs.

4.) Spray the rocks black, leave a few hours.

5.) Using your fat brushes dry brush the rocks. (Dry brushing is basically dipping brush into your paint & then wiping the excess off so all you are left with is a very fine & almost dry chalky residue on the brush. Then lightly skim over what you are painting. Probably best YouTubeing if your unsure).


That’s it! Congratulations you made some rocks!

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“The world is changing.”


A quick update this week, today i finished my trees.

The bases are from Charlie foxtrot models, the trees were from an eBay seller called dorspring123. They have a web site as well but worked out cheaper on eBay.

Had to re flock the fir trees as they arrived quite barren.

Really good value tho, something silly like £7 for 20 trees with free delivery.

My initial idea was to make my own cheap trees with coconut hair & BBQ skewers, wooden rod. But this would of cost me more (slightly) and took longer…. So was a no brainer.

“Elves and Dragons! I says to him. Cabbages and potatoes are better for me and you.”

So my next project is currently building rocks and hills from expanding foam, I tried this a few months back but ended up getting foam dust in my eyes and then abandoning the whole project in a rage.

So my tip for this is to wear goggles & a protective face mask because those particules obviously can’t be any good for you.

I’ll also be working on a smaller project basing some cheap wire trees I bought from eBay. They look a little skinny so going forward I may bulk them out with green stuff. Also I found some pretty cool bases from Charlie foxtrot models for said trees, I’ll post a mock up of roughly what the final product will look like.

“Form ranks, you maggots!”

Just a quick one, so had our third game over the weekend. Very limited terrain on the board as I’m still waiting on some trees to arrive… So again it was just the bridge & river sections set up, including a few bushes.

Forces this time was 500 points Isengard/Harad (myself) Vs High elves.

The game was a close one but I couldn’t really make the full use of my pikes. Also I’d forgotten how terrible a foe Elrond & Gil-galad make.

On a side note those haradrim archers can be quite handy with those poison arrows. They nearly took Elrond out.


“It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish.”

So about three months ago I attempted to make up some river sections for our game board, my first idea was making a river from sculpted Das, this didn’t go so well. I then found a website called amera.co.uk who sold river sections for a couple of quid. All you need to do is paint, flock & add water effect. All was well untill I added my water effects…

The water effects used was basically a two part epoxy glue from poundland, first few batches I mixed with woodland scenics green base coat to give a nice green tint to the water, looked stunning. The third coat was a disaster, not sure if the mix was off but the mix went a murky, creamy yellow… Almost custard. Anyway I poured it on thinking when it sets it will look fine… I was wrong.

Anyway I gave the project a break as I was in no rush, did a bit of research. Purchased some more river sections. I looked at buying the hobby water effects kits, but after seeing reviews & talking to people online I thought I’d just stick with the epoxy.

Along the way I’d picked up some autumn leaves to sprinkle on top of my river, from eBay. Also added some clump for bushes… Also used an old boot brush for reeds. Well happy with the final outcome.

Only piece of advice I’d give is check your epoxy resin before you buy, if one part looks very yellow it may have spoiled. Also when working with the stuff make sure to be in a well ventilated room or even better, go outside… As the smell is revolting and I’m pretty sure it isn’t very good for you. Also wear gloves as it is an irritant and can burn your hands.IMG_415219222747_229691537535290_7950824216009423342_o

“We are truth-speakers, we men of Gondor, We boast seldom, and then preform, or die in the attempt…”

So game two… This was last month. Again same force set up as previous. we were both pressed for time but wanted to get a game in whilst we could. Life & work commitments can be a pain.

This time we had a game mat I found whilst doing the weekly shop with the wife. Also some river sections I’d been working on & a bridge. (I’ll post more about these next week).

This time Mordor was absolutely smashed. Gondor only loosing two warriors.

Stretched like butter…

So our first game was back in late January / February. It was a very small 250ish points game. My enemy was Mordor consisting of a Troll chieftain and a handful of Morannon orcs. Myself​ playing as Minas Tirith using Boromir of Gondor & a handful of warriors of Minas Tirith.

The game used no terrain as we was playing this as our first test run.

The rules used were from the small blue book.

The game resulted in a loss for Gondor as I made a pretty pathetic pincer movement around a blob of Mordor.

There and back again…


Thank you for taking the time to view my blog…
I guess I should tell you a little about myself, well I have been interested in tabletop wargaming since the late 90’s growing up I first played a game called Havok, then found Warhammer 40k (3rd edition).
Then found The Lord Of The Rings Strategy Battle Game…
Anyway… Move on a few years, shaking dice was replaced for boobs & alcohol.
But I’m back now, older, fatter, balder, wiser. (probably not the latter)