“We have prayed to the lady she has given us her blessing, Ready your lances and charge!” part 2

Bit more progress on the knights this week.



Wow December already!

Just a quick one, a good friend gifted me a box of Ryza ruins last month, just thought I’d share the current progress. Just need to add a few little details but pretty much done.

Also finally got a game coming up next week. Long overdue. Will probably be the last game of the year so going to make sure it’s a big one.

“We have prayed to the Lady, she has given us her Blessing. Ready your lances and charge!” Part 1.

So finally after much delay I’ve started to focus on the Bretonnian AOS project, currently aiming for a 1000 points list fully painted before the end of the year, but will expand to 2000 points next year.

I’ve magnetised & textured 29 bases. Also have base coated & dipped 28 horses. This took much longer than planned due to having a cataclysmic F up at the end of October.

I had tried using nail art stencils to apply patterns to the horses caparisons but the quality was so poor I had no choice but to strip the miniatures and start again. Due to the time it took to get back to where I’m I do not think I’ll be trying it again. I’m now looking for Fleur de lys decals/transfers. If anyone has information on where to buy these it would be much appreciated.

But anyway so far happy with the results.

“I am Alpharius” part 14.

Small amount done with the Alpha Legion this month, added some weathering to the fireraptor exhausts and the cape of the chaos sorcerer. Also magnetised the clutists bases.<<I’ll update this post soon with the fireraptor & cultists very soon>> also have some plans for the next expansion of my Alpha Legion and will be putting an order in end of nov or early dec.

Hobby slump…

Sorry been a while since posting, I’d hoped to have more to share. The beginning of October I’d been working on my Bretonnian project, I’d painted up 24 horses and added some stencil work but unfortunately I’ve had to strip them as I wasn’t happy with the end result. I think this has put me in a bit of a procrastinating mood. Something I’ve not experienced since being back in the hobby…

So unfortunately only a few photos to share, a few more details added to the Chaos Sorcerer & Dark Apostle, mostly just decals & couple highlights. Also Louen Leoncoeur arrived last week, so that was nice, shame he is made of finecast.

Maelstrom of war [Beerhammer]

The second game was an interesting one, as we decided to trial a three way game. 2000 points of Alpha Legion V Ultramarines V Farsight Enclave. Playing Maelstrom of War.

Honestly the results are quite vague, but it was a victory to the Ultramarines, followed by Alpha Legion & third place to Tau. This was a very long game, we started at 9pm and finished [Gave up / fell asleep] at 8am. But was a really funny evening, lots of beer & pizza, great time.

Secure & Control 3. Alpha Legion V Farsight Enclave.

Had a bit of time off work recently and got a few games in, unfortunately this wasn’t documented very well.

The first game was 2000 points Alpha Legion v Farsight Enclave, secure & control. This game was unfortunately called at turn 4 due to time constraints. We called it a draw due to myself holding two objectives & having line breaker.

With the Tau having slay the warlord & two objectives.

“I am Alpharius” part 13.

Also keeping inline with my 2k list I was running I kitbashed a couple of new HQ’s. A chaos Sorcerer using the 30k Azhek Ahriman miniature & a FW Alpha Legion head. As well as a Dark Apostle, using a regular MK4 marine, parts from the 30k Chaplin & an arm from an Admech miniature. The miniatures have been finished, but at time of typing this I do not have them at hand. So I’ll show a WIP shot for now & do another post later with the final result.

“I am Alpharius” part 12. [Getting WYSIWYG].

In an attempt of trying to get my current 2k list WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) for some upcoming games I had recently I purchased a couple of Space Marine Land Speeder cyclone missile launchers via ebay to act as Havoc launchers on my Contemptor Dreadnoughts. I think they work quite well, I’m personaly not a fan of the FW Contemptor cyclone missile launcher as it has far too many missile pods in relation to the stats (D6 shots). Anyway the back of the pods were gap filled & then painted up, quick and easy. Soon to be magnetised, but currently held with blu tac.

Bretonnia update & possible 40k idea…

As well as making the blast markers I also constructed and primed 27 Bretonnian horses. Hopefully will start adding some proper painting to them in the upcoming weeks. For a small 1000 points AOS army I’ve been wanting to create for about 9 months now.

But also I stumbled on a miniature (from black scorpion miniatures I believe) I’d painted up about 6/7 years ago for a praetorian imperial guard project I looked at starting. At this point I wasn’t fully committed to playing 40k back then, this was more of a rainy day painting project.

But I’ve always had a soft spot for these chaps & have been toying with the idea since I’d gotten back into 40k last year. But couldn’t find a suitable replacement for the OOP miniatures until a few days ago… I’ll do an update on this soon.

As for the black scorpion miniature, he’s currently taking a bath in some methylated spirit, and will be looking for a repaint & redeployment into the Imperial guard very soon I’ll never call it astra militarum.