“I think I’m quite ready for another adventure…”

Wow! Where has this year gone! First off I’d like to thank everyone who takes the time viewing this blog, every month the views seem to go up & up. Honesty never thought this would get as much attention as it has, and I find it fascinating how the views come from all around the world, the power of technology!

Unfortunately December has been a dry spell for gaming due to life commitments & well getting ready for Christmas. But I have gotten on with a few painting projects, namely the Mûmakil, Legolas & Radagast. Who are nearly finished… As well as 1500 points of Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines.

This year was essentially building the foundation of what else the rest will lay on, quite literally with the new gaming table, battle mat & the terrain that gives depth & character to creating our vision of middle earth. It’s been fascinating learning how to create the terrain, thanks to YouTube. Notably the terrain tutor & Luke’s APS. They’re knowledge has been invaluable. If you don’t know who these chaps are and your interested in building terrain you should check them out.

Also the Instagram account to which this blog is linked with has also been doing incredibly well, more so than the blog!

As for next year we will finally be exploring Warhammer 40,000 8th edition & hoping to get a few practice games in around January. Along with this I’ll be looking at building some grim dark sci-fi terrain (ruins, toxic sludge pits… Who knows) as well as regular updates of the progression of the Alpha Legion as I build them up to around 2000 points. We have been talking about setting some sort of narrative around these games, so you may also be treated to some poorly written stories… Maybe a new battle mat too? Who knows.

As well as dipping into Warhammer Age Of Sigmar, but at this moment in time that’s a while off.

Unfortunatly I think we will be leaving middle earth for a short break, until the new rule book arrives. I believe it’s due in the summer. Really can’t wait to see this game updated & hopefully with some new miniatures too!

Anyway again thank you to everyone who regularly visits the site, really means a lot.


“There is darkness there that never sleeps.” 

Last weekend we played a 1000 points, no objectives just pure attrition. As we thought it would be a nice change of pace.

Forces of Good consisting of Boromir, Faramir, Damrod, Legolas, Radagast, with the usual warriors of Minas Tirith & rangers of Gondor.

Forces of Evil contained The Witch King, a troll cheiftan, an orc captain & masses of orcs & goblins, I’ve never seen so many on the table.

From turn one to two was myself withdrawing my stretched out forces from a pretty poor deployment, back to a more huddled, controlled and defendable area whilst my rangers took out all of the orc & goblin bowmen, as I didn’t want them harassing my forces for the remainder of the game from lucky dice rolls.

Turn 2-3 the Troll & his horde was inbound on my left flank as the Witch king along with his horde closed in towards the front of my army, unfortunately Radagast’s staff was broken by some pretty aggressive playing from my opponent who saw the opportunity to shut down my spell casting quite early on.

Turn 3-4 the troll arrives as some of my warriors of Minas Tirith have not had the time to get away and are caught between the troll & his horde and a treeline. The Rangers, Faramir, Damrod, Legolas & Radagast now intercept.

Boromir and a handful of warriors of Minas Tirith hold the front and push a horde of orcs & goblins over the bridge, whilst my rangers shoot out the Bannerman at the rear of the orc & goblin horde, and each consecutive goblin that decides to pick up the banner is also killed from arrow fire.

Turn 4-5 with the horde off the bridge the forces of Evil have converged onto my left flank in hopes of breaking my lines. The troll is smashing the warriors of Minas Tirith to bits.

Turn 5-6 A mass of my hero’s gang up on the troll cheiftan, and with a lot of luck and a lot of use of might the beast falls. Unfortunatly Damrod also falls,  lots of rangers & warriors also fall to orcs & goblins. But eventually the tide turns, but with the time getting on and the forces of Evil unlikely to claw it back we decided to call time and a victory to Gondor.

Really fun game.


So last weekend we played a 1000 points Gondor v Mordor/Moria. Hold objectives beerhammer. Featuring some of the newly painted orcs & goblins. Amazingly fun, but think the board was a little too large in retrospect, as we played the game on a full 6×4 instead of the usual 6×2. I won’t be going into much detail with this as it was a week ago now. The points in the end was 12-6 to Mordor. Need to build some objective markers and also really need to bring some elevation to the games, need to look at buying  or building some ruined towers & stairwells. But all in all had an amazing time as it felt like an eternity since we last threw some dice.

Step by step for building rocky terrain for “Seas of grass”

Sometime around the end of September I was issued a hobby related challenge via Instagram to make a piece of gaming terrain, so I had a little think… I wanted it to be something I could use for our games at the moment so nothing too fantastical or science fictional… Also it had to be cost effective to build as I’d already blown my monthly hobby budget… I had a look at the old difficult terrain I’d made a little while back and thought you know what I can make these look better. So here we go “difficult terrain” redux…

Materials needed:

  • Few handfuls of rocks. I used slate. Seriously use your head DO NOT BUY THIS STUFF!!! you will find it laying around if you go on a little stroll.
  •  UHU & PVA glue.
  •  Sand grittier the better.
  •  Cheap paints, black, brown, couple of greys & a light green.
  •  Cardboard from food packaging cut into circular shapes for basing.
  •  A couple of nackerd old paint brushs, bigger the better, gets the job done quicker.
  • Optional grass tufts or static grass.

So now you’ve collected your bits & bobs let’s begin… 

  1. Place your rocks onto the circular bases with UHU or strong contact glue, stack them any way you like.
  2. Cover bases with PVA & add sand. Let stand for a day.
  3. Coat everything black. Paint or spray optional. I used a cheap rattle can from a pound shop , Dollar store in US. I guess.
  4. Then coat everything in brown.
  5. Dry brush everything grey.
  6. Again dry brush everything in a lighter grey.
  7. Then a very light dry brush of green on the rocks.
  8. Add tufts.

““Gil-galad was an Elven-king. Of him the harpers sadly sing: the last whose realm was fair and free between the Mountains and the Sea…”

So last weekend we played a 500 points Elves (myself) Vs Mordor. Elves included Gil-galad & Elrond, Handful of elves in armour with shields & spears. Also a banner. Oh and also one archer.

Evil included a Wraith & a couple of orc captains and a swarm of orcs also with banner.
First turn I won the priority, I moved the elves towards a choak point between some woodland & difficult terrain to ensure  I wasn’t flanked too soon. I try to play defensively as they are quite small in numbers and can get bogged down quite quickly.

Anyway within a few turns I was unfortunately getting bogged down and the banner had fallen, the Ringwraith was sat in the middle back of his force, I knew if I was to win I’d have to drive a wedge into the middle of the orcs and remove the head of the force. Mostly I used the elves to shield and push the orcs back so the hero’s could carve into the Ringwraith, luckily the “tactic” paid off as the poor Nazgul got gang banged by Gil-galad, Elrond & spear support (so heroic) winning the game.

Was a very close & fun game. Also the first win for the elves this year.

“Begone, foul dwimmerlaik, lord of carrion! Leave the dead in peace!”…

Last weekend we had are largest game to date, 900 points Good v Evil.

Forces of good contained Boromir captain of the white tower, Faramir, Damrod, Radagast, Warriors of Minas Tirith, rangers of Ithillian & citadel guard.

The forces of Evil included The Witchking of Agmar, a ringwraith, a troll cheiftan (unstoppable juggernaut), Hoards of Uruk-Hai, orcs & goblins.

Again secure the objectives, this game was HUGE! About five hours long, This was the first time spellcasters were used, they make a huge difference to the mechanics of the game but very fun, the frustration they cause to the other player can be comical. The amount of times Boromir & the troll was reduced to a useless blob on the battlefield, plenty of expletives were exchanged… 

The game was pretty level up until about the last few turns and then it all started to unravel for the forces of good. Faramir, Damrod and the remaining rangers held a desperate last stand on one of the objectives but was overwhelmed by a hoast of Morannon Orcs, 

Radagast was singled out and chased down by eight sneaky Moria Goblins, never to be seen again.

Boromir was made a vegetable by the Nazgûl and slain by the Uruk-Hai.

That was that. Amazing game can’t wait for the next.

 “A chance for Faramir, captain of Gondor, to show his quality.” 

Just a quick update for the rangers of Gondor. Finished these last weekend. Includes, Faramir, a Damrod proxy model (until I find or buy another) & 22 plastic & oop metal rangers. The bases have been magnetised (3mm – 2mm or N35 size magnets used.) to help prevent chipping of paint during travel, also the lovely looking Tufts are from WWSenics. Really chuffed with how these turned out.

“For Gondor!”…

​Earlier in the week we started a 750 points game of again hold the objectives. My self playing Gondor, including Boromir of the white tower, warriors of Minias Tirith, Faramir & Rangers of Gondor.

The enemy was a combined force of Moria & Mordor, at the helm was a Mordor Troll chieftain, Shagrat & an orc captain, followed by hoards of orcs, goblins & a small nasty unit of Mordor Uruk-Hai.

In the middle of the battlefield Boromir & the Troll fought to control the middle objective, after a bitter fight the Troll was mortality wounded & retreated back to let his orcs surround the beleaguered men of Gondor and Boromir who was also left severally injured, they are now left in an unfortunate last stand situation.

Whilst to the far left of the battlefield a smaller skirmish was taking place to hold the objective, the warriors of Minas Tirith were looking to sweep the orcs and then push towards the centre but unfortunately had been counter charged by Shagrat & Uruk-Hai and are now still locked in battle.

To the far right Faramir & his rangers have faired better, wiping out most of the Swarm of Moria with a hail of bow fire & are now looking to rescue Boromir from certain death, but can they make it in time?.. (the game had to be paused due to running out of time, but will be continued at some point this week, and I should have the rangers painted up by then.)


UPDATE (26/9/17): Unfortunately the game was never resolved, as we started a new game. Apologies for the cliffhanger.

Urbanmatz.com ‘Badlands 6X4’ battle mat.

So the old £6 Aldi green rug got upgraded, retailing at €69.90 plus £10 postage the Urbanmatz gaming mat may sound and is quite steep, a lot would argue you could make your own board for the same price or less. But if your limited for space like I am the mats are great, made of a mouse mat material you can roll them up and store away in the handy travel bags they come with.

With the mat I can’t stress the amount of detail in the texture imaging, also where the mat is full of muted tones of wonderful greens,browns & greys it makes it quite generic, so what ever scatter terrain you throw down your sure it will blend quite well and not look obscure.

Another plus for me is the material, it’s nice and smooth, as apposed to a self made textured board, all that sand and grit scuffs up your models in the long run.

Also found that with the size of the mat, if you don’t want to play 6X4 maybe something smaller, it drapes quite well and doesn’t seem to split the material, most LOTR SBG games we play are 6X2ish…  Highly recommended.